Hey there! That weekend and this week has seriously gotten away from me! I had such great plans for posts this week, and it seems like life is seriously getting in the way! We had a super fun weekend until about 3 p.m. Saturday when I realized that I had a fever and was coming down with something. Since then, I’ve pretty much been laid up on the couch, trying to care for the girls solo while Trevor’s in Louisiana and now Stella is slamming our house with a ton of snow. I pumped them full of funfetti pancakes this morning so they should be good for a while 🙂 

I’m so bummed because I have a super-fun Pi Day recipe to post. I’ll get it up for tomorrow so if you’re like me (and tend to celebrate some silly holidays a few days later) then let’s all celebrate Pi Day tomorrow with my delicious little hand pies!

So what have we been up to? When Trevor’s gone, I like to fill our weekend with lots of things to do. It keeps us all entertained and the fighting between the girls to a minimum (sigh). 

Saturday morning we hit up the Iron Roost. My love for that place will never go out. It’s so good and just the best place for breakfast. You definitely have to get there early though because it was hopping by the time we left. After breakfast, the girls, Bri and I went to an awesome estate sale on North Broadway in Saratoga Springs. If you’ve spent any time in Saratoga, then you’d know about the huge, old historic homes on North Broadway. They all have amazing history and stories of families who’d come to town for the summer and horse races. This home was gorgeous inside and literally chocked full of stuff. I don’t know if I could acquire that much stuff in a lifetime, but it really was awesome to walk through and see some of the history (commemorative plates from the Racing Museum, old signs, pictures of the family with JFK and other presidents).

Even funnier, the owner was a Union College alum! It’s always a small world when it comes to Union. He had passed away in 2001 and the family had just hung onto the stuff and the house. The highlight of the sale was definitely the 1978 Rolls Royce in the garage. I also was eyeing a chest of drawers (that I almost went back for), but with no real place to put it in our tiny house, I decided not to! 

We got home from gymnastics later that afternoon and that’s when this cold-plague type illness hit me. Fortunately, I don’t think the kids got it at all, but trying to take care of two kids while feeling crappy has been hard. It’s kind of a good thing Stella is here (plenty of time to rest), but I’m going to rally this afternoon (thank you, DayQuil) to do the first round with the snowblower. I’m also doing a little natural cold remedy research in hopes that pairing it with DayQuil will kick this cold even faster. 

So tell me, how are you braving Stella right now? Any good natural cold remedies to pass along?