Untitled design (1)Hey everyone! I just wanted to pop in this weekend and share our weekly meal plan. We were up and out early this morning, running to Target for Halloween stuff, and Market 32 for some random groceries. I didn’t get much there, but somehow ended up with like 60 percent of our grocery bill being cheese (it happens, right?).

This month is even busier for us than usual. I have a lot of work ahead, including a decent amount of travel, so it’s all about hanging out this weekend and spending some time together. I also wanted to make my first pot of soup since the weather has officially turned to fall. This cool air means testing out new soup recipes and serving them up with a big ol’ slice of homemade bread (yum!). I also have some other recipes that I’m testing this weekend (dip! pie!) so stay tuned for this week’s posts. They should be super yummy! 

So here’s what we’re eating this weekend: