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Hey look! It’s Friday! This week actually went pretty quickly since we were pretty busy and I’m hoping soon to show you guys photos of our fun DIY project that will hopefully wrap up soon. We’ll see. I’m keeping my fingers crossed. So I wanted to share a quick round-up of a bunch of what I’m loving lately. It’s not all food and eating related, but thought it could be fun. So here goes! 


I made these Buttermilk Pancakes Wednesday night for dinner and the girls loved them. Hadley declared them the best pancakes I’d ever made. The only change I made to this recipe was adding 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract to the batter. 


My skin has been realllll pissed at me lately (way too much sugar around the holidays) so I picked up the Tea Tree Oil Skin Care kit on a recent trip to Ulta and I’m really liking it. I was hooked with the promise of clearer skin in three days and I think it actually has done that. It’s certainly not all better, but definitely cleared up. Plus, I love that the line is pretty natural. 


IMG_5459I’ve had a renewed love of my Fitbit Charge HR in the last couple of weeks because Trevor recently got one. We’re both pretty competitive people so we’ve been competing everyday for the most steps. He’s been winning quite a bit (especially when he’s working out in the field), but I’m hoping to gain some ground on him! 


Great British Baking Show

Just like everybody else in America, we’ve been watching Making a Murderer on Netflix. It’s really interesting and I’m enjoying it for sure. We have just a few episodes left so I’m hoping we can finish them this weekend! We’ll see. Also on Netflix, I just finished season one of the Great British Baking Show, which I LOVED. Seriously, there is something so awesome about British TV. American food competition shows are all just so high-pressured and stressful (and the people never really come across as that flattering), but the British Baking Show people were obviously competitive, but just much classier about it. Two thumbs up! 


Sensi Thermostat Our Christmas gift to ourselves this year was a Sensi wi-fi powered thermostat in for the house (I know, we are just party animals!). It’s completely controlled through your iPhone and you can change the temperature of your house from anywhere. It took a little bit of installation, but Trevor got it right the first time! 


comediansincarsThe new season of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee is back and they had two really great first guests – President Obama and Steve Martin. Politics aside, the Obama interview was really great, because Jerry asked really funny questions like what’s it like to sleep in the White House and how much can the President wander around in his underwear. Just kind of the random life in the White House things that are certainly interesting. 

I think I’m super late to the party, but I’ve really been loving the VSCO cam app. Its filters are really pretty for food photography and I’ve loved playing around with some of them. (Follow me on Instagram and you can see what I’m talking about!) 

So that’s a wrap up of the random stuff I’ve been loving lately! Let me know in the comments below if there’s anything you’ve really been loving lately (food, beauty, TV, apps, etc.) that I should check out! 

I hope everyone has a fun, relaxing weekend and I’ll be back next week as I kick off some healthier recipes. Let’s not get crazy here though, folks. There will still be cookies. 

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